Hitchin Light Orchestra and all Hitchin Music Project groups - from this September subscriptions for all of our groups will be going up to £80 for the term.


I'm sorry about this but we need to try and keep up with costs same as everyone else.


We will be maintaining family group discounts for HLO and if this rise in costs actually causes real difficulty for you then speak to me personally.


On the plus side we have amazing new music this term and for Hitchin Light Orchestra we have a great concert planned on the 6th December (check your diaries because this is after the official end of term) which will be super Christmassy!


Start dates for this term are

Hitchin Light Orchestra 20th September

Phat Sax and Garage Clarinets 22nd September

WD RADIO, WD Vocal Project and Rock School - Hitchin Music Project 24th September

Chris xxx