Hitchin Music Project Friends we are planning to restart Hitchin Light Orchestra, Phat Sax, Garage Clarinets, WD RADIO, Rock School - Hitchin Music Project and WD Vocal Project this term.

Also our friends in London will be restarting Camden Light Orchestra after a long break.

Here are the dates and times.....

Hitchin Light Orchestra will restart on the 21st September at the usual venue (Wilsher-Dacre School)

Important to note that timings will revert to the normal 7.30 - 9.00.

Phat Sax and Garage Clarinets will start on Thursday 23rd

Phat Sax at 6.15 and Garage Clarinets at 7.30

All Saturday Morning groups will start on the 25th September.


Times are WD RADIO (jazz improv) 9.30, Rock School - Hitchin Music Project (song writing and recording) 10.45 and WD Vocal Project (a cappella jazz choir) 12.00

Camden Light Orchestra restarts at Kentish Town Congregational

Church Hall, Kelly Street, Camden on Monday 20th at 7.30

For all groups the subscription for the 10 week term remains at £75.00 (there are some discounts available at Hitchin Light Orchestra for family groups)

No concerts have been arranged as yet - I think we all need to see how things go first!

We'll still be taking reasonable precautions regarding the risks from Covid 19 but hoping that for the most part everything will feel close to normal.

Above all we look forward to welcoming everyone back and making some great music together.

Look out for more updates on here and also I expect that those of you signed up to the HMP website at

www.hitchinmusicproject .org will automatically get emails (apologies if this leads to repetition of the same info)

All the best and see you soon....


Chris xxx