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Happy New Year Hitchin Light Orchestra!

I hope you have had a great break after our absolutely thrilling Christmas concert and are raring to get going in 2023.

We start back next Tuesday the 10th January.

This term we'll be heading towards a big old jazzy/latiny concert in the Summer at our lovely Town Hall.

The date for this is the 4th July.

In our first rehearsal we'll make a start on a big Duke Ellington Medley which is lovely, we're going to keep in Crazy In Love and Rhythm is Gonna Get You and from the back catalogue we going to bring back Sizzle. so if you have music for any of those bring it but don't worry if not.

See you on Tuesday...

Chris xxx

Start dates for all groups are...

HLO 10th January

Phat Sax and Garage Clarinets 12th January

Saturday Music School 14th January

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