Hi everyone,

We are launching the 'Online Light Orchestra' this Monday 20th April and will be running 10 sessions this term.

We will be carrying on our Tuesday night social zoom meet-ups, but also releasing one set of videos via private youtube link each week. Every week we will focus on a different tune from our programme. There will be a separate video for each section of the orchestra doing detailed work on the difficult bits, a dedicated video talking about solo sections, and a full play along at the end of each session.

This work is all very labour intensive (and the staff members are all freelancers and rely on teaching and gigs for income) so we would ask that members still pay some kind of reduced subscription (suggested £40) to make sure we can keep running HLO and ensure it's still running when we get back to normal rehearsals! We totally understand that this may be a difficult time financially for many people so we'll be going on a voluntary basis. Basically, if you want to be in the band then great - you're in! If you are able to pay subs then please do.

It would help if I have as many of your email addresses as possible - so if you think I don't have your email please send me yours to chris@pink-champagne.co.uk or hit the button below to join our mailing list.

This is a learning curve for all of us, and we want to make this term as fun and useful as possible. Any constructive feedback is welcome! 

Stay safe, keep making music and we'll see you soon! 

Chris and Anne xxx

About Us

The Hitchin Light Orchestra is a unique institution and is difficult to describe in words - but here goes!


Imagine a concert orchestra – violins, cellos, trumpets, trombones, flutes, clarinets, percussion and so on. Then add a bunch of saxophone players and a jazz rock rhythm section and a group of about twenty singers, around seventy people in all. This gives you the size of it, but the next thing you would notice at a gig is that there are all different age groups. You have 10 year olds playing next to 70 year olds, students and teachers playing from the same part!

Hitchin Light Orchestra is a huge community orchestra playing an eclectic mix of music - jazz, Latin rock, film, show and classical. 

We aim for a high musical standard but achieved with the maximum fun possible. 

We rehearse on Tuesdays 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm in term time at Wilshere-Dacre School, Fishponds Road, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 1NS 

We do great concerts and tours to Europe. 

Anyone can join - come along, bring your instrument and if you like it - you're in! 

HLO runs on a subscription basis - currently £75 per 10 week term.


For more information on how to join the Hitchin Light Orchestra please contact Chris Pyne on 01462 431206 or email him at chris.pyne@pink-champagne.co.uk.

The Hitchin Light Orchestra also has a group on Facebook - find it here.


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